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Post Subject: There is difference between features-centric and goal-centric designs….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/5/2006

 darkmoebius wrote:
I would never just jump in and attempt to build the Melq (or any other amp) without months of studying the design …

Good motivations. To simplify everything: the Melquiades was at attempt to make two stages, capacitor coupled, no feedback SET, having the cathodes sitting on ground and using the unique 6E5P as a driver. My selection of output tube was because at that time I meant to use it with Lamm ML2 but now only. The 6C33C has enough power to drive my bass and very good sound, at least in context of ML2 (I did not like any other amps that I heard with 6C33C)

The first versions of Melquiades were not what you see now and it was typical to many other similar attempts by other people. For instance Russian designs Anatoly Manakov had his version that takes advantage of the 6E5P:


There were few others.  I will not comment what I do not kike in the Manakov’s amplifier and why, I juts say that Manakov amps is a reasonable electronic implementation of the tubes operation points but it has hardly to do anything with Sound.  Still the Manakov’s amp should sound OK and I sincerely feel that it should over-perform the most of the pop-corn sounding 6c33C amps that you accustom to hear.

However, my objectives were much further then just proving a concept that such an “unplugged” person as I am would be able to make an objectives-driven amplifier. Anyhow, after all events, mistakes, experiments, false concussions, moves to the wring directions and so on the Melquiades (as it reviled) is a tip of the iceberg of quite complicated though process about audio generally and amplification in particularly. Quite few people are turned off by obnoxious, demanding, overly confident and assertive tone of my release notes…. and I feel it great. The release notes are a low order filter that reduces the amplitude of Morons who might consider building the Milq.

You, or anyone else, might or not might consider approaching the Melquiades built but my view toward the subject will not change.


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