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Post Subject: Egads!Posted by darkmoebius on: 12/5/2006
 Paul S wrote:
and dm did say he's tried (and rejected?) several SETs already, in the context of Klipsch Horns.

No, I didn't say that at all. I said that the were aspects of the 6C33CB's presentation via the Almarro A318B SET, that possibly gave a hint of the tube's greater potential which is why I started looking at the Melquiades. I also said there were aspects that I found better than EL34, 300B, and PX-25 SETs that I have. I never mentioned Klipsch speakers at all.
If you ever said that Melquiades is the amp for all seasons and all reasons, I missed it; yet I wonder how many people run across it and gloss over what you say about it and think it's some sort of plug-and-play proposition they can just build and then use to drive whatever.   And of course you probably think that's funny, and likely you'll be even more amused when someone still doesn't get it after all my flailing.

I think you guys over analyze other people's words and sometimes miss the mark(perhaps I wasn't clear, my fault). I simply offered a few reasons why people may be studying the Melq, but not building it  and used my particular reasons for considering it as illustration. NOT, that I was going to build it, or that I saw it as the perfect solution for my situation, just trying to illustrate why I, personally, came back to to look at it(Melq, not Super Melq) as a consideration or one of many points of reference for my system changes.
Anyway, I'm not saying it can't work, just that maybe he's right when he hesitates because of risk...but I am looking at what he says he wants and thinking

Eeeks! Now, I can see how casual comments can become run away debates on this forum. I would never just jump in and attempt to build the Melq (or any other amp) without months of studying the design and how it fits within the context of my overall system and if it is within my limited skillset. I was just trying illustrate why I was looking into the Melq in answer to Romy's rumination over why no one was building it.
it might not be as difficult and/or risky if he first tried ML2s or Pass Alephs, or something like that to drive first his Klipsch Horns and then his Olsen corner horn prototypes.

The ML2's are way out of my financial ballpark, though i've heard a few Alephs. I don't have Klipsch Horns and the Olson prototypes are an experiment that will only cost me the plywood involved and the sweat equity of building them. If the performance is not up to snuff, then the drivers are easily resold. In the end, I'll possibly have one more point of reference/experience in my mental audio library. I'm relatively new to this, so the more experiences (good and bad), the better.

Anyway, back to original thread tangent, why more people aren't attempting the Melquiades....

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