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Post Subject: The direct-heated Melquiades ?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/4/2006

You are correct about the load matching, for the Super Mild LF channel a half-Ohm of loading change bass quite dramatically.  Still, the idea was to make this SET completely without any intentionally implemented feedback. It is juts not necessary in there…

Anyhow, if a person has high sensitivity speakers that it is very easy to make Melquiades for all seasons and all reasons. You see, I suggested using for full range operation the Lundahl LL1627A transformer.  That sucker has multiple secondary sections and it could be configured to drive absolutely anther. You can combine the sections, using primaries as secondary and vise versa, and have a LOT of flexibility without using any taps.  I feel that whatever other SET can drive the Melq could drive as well. If you have not enough power and dull sparkers then put instead the 6C33C some kind 211, 845, or GM70 – the Milq’s driver stage will drive them perfectly fine and it will be the same amp only with the “bid tube sound” . Still I’m not a big fun of the large high voltage tubes:

In fact to try in the Milq output stage some small, perhaps direct-heated, tubes might be more perspective…

The Cat

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