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Post Subject: Tell me about more about Ortofone SPU Sound.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/1/2004

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looking at your reply in the Denon-103 thread, and considering that you are from UK, I conclude that you are well-familiar with Ortofones. Can you tell me more about them?

I never had them personally, I had in past a inexpensive Ortofone arm and it was horrible. That built up my revolt to Ortofones, completely non-justifiable, and I clearly understand it.

I never used Ortofone cartridges, though I head them many times in context on somebody’s else systems. However,  I did not like those “somebody’s else systems” and Sound they produced and therefore I would not say that had an opportunity to get a satisfactory presentation of what Ortofones could do.

Knowing about the  “better” Ortofones what I was able to detect while I heard them (do not believe that I can interpret and extrapolate a result with 100% of precision), looking at some data and listening the feedback of numerous Ortofone owners (very valuable factor if one knows how to listened and what to hear in the expressed) and correlating it with my own finds about the performance of the high output MC cartridges I have some guesses why Ortofones are so attractive out there. Perhaps I would even try to put one in my new “Chernobyl Spinnaker” tonearm….

I would like to learn more about the “better”  SPU Sound. So, Starboy, can you tell me more about your Ortofones?

Romy the Cat

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