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Post Subject: going without feedbackPosted by Paul S on: 12/4/2006
As I read that darkmoebius wants the amps for a vintage dream "never-built" Olsen cornerhorn I have to ask myself if Melquiades is the first choice for his project.  For one thing, do I remember correctly that you eschewed feedback altogether?  As much as I love the idea of NF, it hardly works in practical terms without VERY careful load matching (and so, probably, limited bandwidth applications),  and likewise with SET in general, at least if we want the "next level" of fidelity, and dm did say he's tried (and rejected?) several SETs already, in the context of Klipsch Horns.

If you ever said that Melquiades is the amp for all seasons and all reasons, I missed it; yet I wonder how many people run across it and gloss over what you say about it and think it's some sort of plug-and-play proposition they can just build and then use to drive whatever.   And of course you probably think that's funny, and likely you'll be even more amused when someone still doesn't get it after all my flailing.

Anyway, I'm not saying it can't work, just that maybe he's right when he hesitates because of risk.  I am not talking about Melquiades' intrinsic value or place on the audio evolutionary scale, etc., but I am looking at what he says he wants and thinking it might not be as difficult and/or risky if he first tried ML2s or Pass Alephs, or something like that to drive first his Klipsch Horns and then his Olsen corner horn prototypes.

 At any rate, I take your (cat-like) warning, and I hope dm does, too.

Best regards,
Paul S

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