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Post Subject: Cornerhorned Melquiades?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/4/2006

There is a difference between “no holds barred" implementation of a specific design end no “no holds barred design”. The later is bogusness. Still, I would insist that even the first one is very frequently is bogusness. “Expensive” implantation very frequently is not the optimum chose for a chosen topology. A unit should do what it should do technically and sonically and it should be it.  The notion “no holds barred" I feel is very much not applicable as objective for amplifier as it instantaneously set the non-existing price-result rational….

I heard Olson speakers twice, not the cornerhorn. I head among many cornerhorns juts one installations that I liked, it was not Olson. Still all cornerhorns, regardless of design have a lot of limitations – they all spread imaging across and behind the back wall, making all sound volume-flat. Anyhow, let do not talk about it anymore and this thread is not about the cornerhorns.

 darkmoebius wrote:
Now, I also need an amplifer capable of letting it's full potential "shine through".
Remember the “Romy’s Second Law Of Audio” - never even consider any change before you clearly undefined for yourself what are sonic imperfections your playback currently has…

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