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Post Subject: To clarify...Posted by darkmoebius on: 12/4/2006
 Romy the Cat wrote:
The "Catch-22" with Melquiades is not the Melquiades price but the fact that I SPEND NO EFFORTS TO CONVINCE ANYBODY to build it...I made the Milq available and frankly speaking for myself, I feel more gratified that I revealed the Milq’s circuit then the fact that I was able to get out of Milq the necessary sound. The Milq is out and my job is done. It is up to others to embrace or to reject it. Trust me; it will hardly affect me, or even my ego, if the Milq’s progress would goes one way or another.

I wasn't referring to your motivations when I mentioned the "Catch-22", rather it was to offer some insight why others may not have made the attempt yet.
“the no-holds-barred DESIGN”? Hm… I do not think I ever had these objectives.

It's an old American wrestling term that I used to imply "without external limitations being imposed" like the marketing and production choices commercial companies have to make in order to hit certain product price points.
I described how I made it but I did not care about economics.

That, is exactly what I meant by "no holds barred", nothing more.
“exemplary current drive to control the large drivers”… Hm…. I kind of feel a pain in my teeth… Where you people dig all that BS?

Don't read anything into that term, it was a quickly typed sentence while I was at work, nothing more. I was trying to convey that I think most SET amps have a hard time controlling large drivers. My limited experience has been that designs capable of delivering more current do a better job with 12" & 15" drivers than those that do not.
Anyhow. if you are for “great LF response” (that would be hardly possible in context of RCA drivers) then be advised that I believe in DSET and I do not feel that a full range SET should driver LF section. You see, there are some very intricate nuances of LF dumping with SET. It is highly possible that you would need differently load your output stages for LF and MF sections it order to have the correct Sound. Unless you are of course incredibly lucky….
Sorry, I should have provided more context about the relative term "great" when i used it. Unfortunately, I have agreed to reduce the size and amount of living room space that my audio system occupies. So, I am probably doing away with my dual subwoofers and large(ish) double-horns. Cornerhorns were the negotiated settlement with my girlfriend because they are "out of the way". Like it or not, these are the limitations I will live with for right now - so "great" is within that context.

I've never heard they LC-1C's(the last of 3 versions) and don't think many human beings have ever heard that particular cornerhorn design(have you?), but Dr. Olson was a brilliant man and knew a decent amount about tube & speaker design, so I'm willing to give it a try. The cost of the drivers isn't too much(relatively) and they are easily resold, it's just the cabinets that will take some effort to properly build. For me it's worth a try.

After finding the RCA's and reading up on the Melq', I was surprised to come across this  statement below by you. It's very similar to what I have heard several other people say:
There is one interesting contestant thought…. I have unconfirmed evidence that the infamous Harry Olson had his own 15-inchers Dual Concentric driver. I heard a speaker that reportedly was Olson’s speaker and it was very interesting, free from some problems I observed in the Tannoys. Unfortunately during that the only listening session the Olson’s speaker was in context of an installation where was very difficult to say anything more critical…

It may not be the "best"(what is?), but within it's limitations and in the proper system, it may have great potential. I'm not hoping for "the last octave", just accurate bass response within it's(and my) limitations.

Now, I also need an amplifer capable of letting it's full potential "shine through".

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