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Post Subject: Obvious reasons why it's not being built...Posted by darkmoebius on: 12/4/2006
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Despite of the fact that Melquiades is fully disclosed and that it is delivers a sonic results...I do not see people out there trying Melquiades...I find it fascinating to see how even some people who knows me personally do pay thousands dollars for off the shelf amps, disregarding the opportunity to build the Milq.

That's because "off the shelf" amps can be easily resold for little or no loss of money if they are not to the buyer's liking. The Melquiades, on the other hand, leaves the builder with $3,000 worth of parts not easily resold if it doesn't fit well with the builder's musical goals. So, there is a far greater financial risk involved in chosing Melq over a commercial amp.
It is interesting to think about the relational of Melquiades slow take-up. I think that major contributing factor is that guy who calls himself Romy the Cat. Really, I think it’s it. The people who are capable to build amplifiers more or less are centered around the DIY movement and my position regarding the DIYer is well know and it was not once voiced from this site - I generally do not like those freaks. So it is perfectly understandable that if person is wiling to invest himself into multi thousands dollars project then he would like to be handles and treated with respect.

Your attitude(and writing style) certainly doesn't help the amp get serious consideration amongst those most capable to build the amp(of which I do not qualify). Also, I think most profficient builders are more comfortable in discussing  how things work or are designed rather than the listening experience because the latter is extremely subjective and filled with unknown variables whereas the "nuts & bolts" of building is filled with known reference points. It seems to me that you (Romy) are more focused on the listening experience itself.
Generally I am glad with the state of Melquiades. It doe serves well in my room.
And that's the most accurate reason why no one else has really tried your amp - the Melquiades serves you well, in your system, in your room, for your tastes/goals. Not many people have any idea what your system and room actually sounds like. And since your repeatedly say that 95%+ of other people's systems and components are junk or horrible and they lack the mind to understand music, there is no common reference point to encourage people to risk $3,000 on your design.

Speaking for myself, I am seriously considering the Melq, but that is a LOT of money for me. A huge risk financially because there really isn't much third party validiation of the amp's true performance. A "Catch-22" really. Not enough people have had success with it to encourage a large amount of others, yet that can't happen without someone stepping up to the plate.

Since I am overhauling my system for a new set of priorities, the idea of Melq has me once again looking it over. I had an Almarro A318B integrated, 18wpc SET - 6C33CB, in my house for 4 months this year and certain aspects of it's sonic  presentation were unique and superior to the 300B, EL34, and PX-25 SET amps that I have. With all other things being the same in my system except the different amps, I found the the Almarro had signs of being the least colored and neutral tonally. It was by no means a perfect amp, but it did give me an inkling of what might be possible with that output tube with a no-holds-barred design. So, I am defninitely intrigued by the Melq's potential.

Hopefully, a few more people will build your amp because it might nicely fit into the new direction I'm taking my system with a set of cornerhorns designed by RCA's Dr. Harry Olson using his legendary 15" LC-1C coaxial drivers - (picture 1 & 2). The cornerhorns were never commercially produced.

The owner of The Ah! Horn Company has provided public access to a sketch, given to him in the 70's by Dr. Olson,  of what Dr. Olson considered the ultimate cornerhorn for his ultimate driver. A rough mockup of the driver and cabinet had terrific free-air frequency response.

Even though, they have moderate high(er) efficiency, I wuld like an amp capable of exemplary current drive to control the large drivers, plus great LF response.

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