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Post Subject: Reproducing music like solving a mathematical equation...Posted by Gregm on: 12/1/2006
...However, "a 2000 RPM meat slicer chopping the music up into little pieces" is, admittedly, more eloquent!

Some time ago, I played around with a Kharma model (the big one that has woofers and the 3-in-one tweet**) at a friend's house.

The furniture is nicely made; it has charm and attractiveness -- and is aerodynamic (would need a spoiler for high velocity applications).

Sound: like a whistle. We had a few amplifiers to play with. The sonic result was invariably, a whistle.

Roman notes:
The industry/trend/fashion goes towards "the more aggressive compliance with those sonic sliceing-choping…".
Yes, BUT I don't see this as a design trend. Manufactueres don't target that sound -- but rather are satisfied with it and support it for marketing reasons -- it's easy to make this sound. Disconnect your mid-bass and bass units and play the rest full-range. OR, disconnect bass and attenuate midbass after 100Hz by say 6db -- i.e. play yr speakers LOUD (~90dB) and check at what attenuation level you can hear the bass harmonics. That's it.

IMO, there is no design wisdom here, just the stabilisation of high frequencies and off goes the product to the shelf. What I heard there, with all amplifiers, is also what was measured: from ~600 onward an upward response (like say 10dB -- ten, not a typo). This at ~2,5m fm inbetween the 2spkrs and 5m away fm the closest side wall. Downhill from ~120Hz.

Sure, OK, I'm not reviewing this product; The room was bad?; the amplification not "matched"?; the setup wrong?; All the above? I'm not pontificating it's bad or good (it is astoundingly strange, though); I'm not saying you can't equalise it (amazingly, though, even equalised, you still don't get too much cello -- let alone double bass); I'm just giving just practical observations -- and I'm not a sound engineer, either. But I am, supposedly, a prospective client for such products... as are many of us here!

How the abomination do you listen to music through a thing like that? Mustn't there be a way? Girl with banjo, only?

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