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Post Subject: The Industry as a garbage-disposal for Audio Makers.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/23/2006

 Dominic wrote:
… i think there's something to be said for the 'black box with demanded performance'. in fact i used to come at it from that very angle, somehow expecting i could try everything to see if it had the demanded performance. …

Actually there's something else to be said for the “black box with demanded performance”.

The “demanded performance” is not something that might be “observed” but something that should be expressed. Let me explaine. The “demanded performance” has nothing to do with personal tastes, inclination or preference. The “demanded performance” of playback it is juts a “pointer” (speaking on IT lingo) within a scale of “real fidelity” of musical perception. Therefore when we talk about the “demanded performance” we are talking about the level of a manufacture AND a level of a consumer to understand where this “pointer” is located.

The demanded level always exists. The question is how far the demanded level moves up. The higher the demanded level moves the more generic and more unified the requirements are. When a playback is implemented according to high-end requirements (in ideal) then the “demanded performance level” should be in fact a common denominator that is absolutely equal among everyone.

This is bigger problems: a consumer in it’s evolvement (no restrictions) might reach a level where all people “who already there” end up with (the same identical demands). However, it is very difficult, practically imposable for manufacturers (there are objective reasons why). This is why I feel that a “demanded performance” is very frequently is not that might be “observed” but something that should be expressed – it is way more complicated for the makers to express then for us “to recognize”.

We have .5% among audio listeners who actually have any signs of listening intelligence. We have the same percentage of people who has listening intelligence among the audio makers. Then we have probably .1% of all High-end audio listeners who become audio maker, and it is very much not the best .1%. So, we have very limited chance that an audio maker understands any stratification of “demanded performance”. Not to mention that, as “Drdna” very correctly point out, most of the manufactures has very short productive lifespan and with literally a couple years they  get converted form idealistic people who would like to do “better audio” into crap manufacturing disposable commodity of audio industry…

The Cat

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