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Post Subject: Denon 103Posted by starboy on: 11/29/2004

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Well I'll 'fess up to the possible reason that this thread has had so many hits, I linked it to a thread on another site that has a few 103 owners (and remember for every owner there are many reading/waiting to become disciples due to the "legend" of this cartridge) I put forth the fact that the 103R which I once owned was okay in the context of its price point and linked your thread to throw some napalm to the fire.

I feel the fact that this cartridge is a broadcast cartridge is why many will purchase and assume if its good enough for NHK Japan, well it gotta be damn good. Well no. Alas there are some who will chase broadcast equipment of any nature good and baaaad.

Martin Colloms whom I respect tested the C and D in '79 and both didn't get a recommendation though the C did fair much better with concerns about sibilance and trackability limitations at high frequencies, together with some intolerance of disc distortion especially at end of side.

I used a 103R then tried a 103 which I preferred and will keep in my stable when my lady is in vinyl mode.

Koetsu Silver Onyx

Benz Micro MC-3 (The original Ruby)

Clearaudio Signature

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Ortofon SPU Royal N

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All the above IMO


p.s I dig this site but why are so many too shy to post up...?

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