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Post Subject: GOTO, Lowther and sashimi with Onken... Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/22/2006


I do not think you should have a lot of expectations from Japanese GOTO office. I do not know how about the drivers but I would doubt their practical experience in system engineering. Their exponential trumpet horns are very poor. Their “ready to go” systems are laughable. The GOTO and ALE sell very few LF compression drivers per year (if any) and mostly to very “specific” people. Therefore, I would not expect them to be “interesting” from “applied design perspective” …. or perhaps it is just my attitude). I would personally treat them as “drivers source” if you like their drivers but how you use their driver I think your own brain will figure out faster and more profitable. Perhaps you want get it touch with Kevin Brooks. He is a big GOTO and ALE enthusiast and I have seen him humiliating himself with Lowther as well. Perhaps he has some experience with combining them.

You generally might make some assumptions seeing how GOTO used that own bass driver. Frankly speaking I do not think it should be a lot of different from any other driver of the similar suspension. If it has soft suspension then treats it as 15” Altecs and afraid excursion (juts with a pair of GOTO drivers you have very little leverage to mange it). If it has hard suspension then treats thsm as 14” Kangfilms and afraid the bass softening during the  bass transients…

Still something suggests me that those Japanese folks did not intend to use this SG30W in a seals box as you’re planning. Japanese people do not like sealed boxes. Sealed box is fundamentals-centric machine but Japanese people are harmonics-centric.

I think that most likely the SG30W GOTO  folks meant to be use their direct radiates in some kind of setting when the drivers will be very running, arousing a lot of noise around itself, something like Onken or Ultraflex enclosures… I do not know if Lowther will be doing fine in “noise” world. With all Lowther evils it is not necessary a “noisy” driver….

Romy the Cat

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