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Post Subject: Just a few more ideas, following fm abovePosted by Gregm on: 11/22/2006
IME (i.e. some pm's one dx), the Ex-4 sounds the most civilised -- and this, only up to ~10kHz or 1-2kHz lower.

It doesn't sound bad in a tractrix, unlike Paul S' experience with a dx4.

A horn is also useful to provide some extra spl (106 spl at 1+m with a tractrix) -- see below:

(following fm immediately above) It's spec'd at 100W, but should be maxed at ~5W, maybe 6. (maybe even 7? 10? Forget 50)

You MUST cut off the mid-bass downward, or it'll poof at the fff -- and you'll lose whatever detail is in upper mids.

Again, mating it with s/thing doing the job fm say 150/200 (better), etc, on down and whatever, 7-8kHz, up is a pain. Esp. the down.

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