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Post Subject: Lowther: the the only God knows… Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/21/2006

So, you are thinking about 3-way installation with GOTO bass, Lowther mid range and some ribbon atop? It is certainly no one knows how I might end up: try it, post the pictures and let know us how it went.

I can see a few points where you might need “working”…

1)  Deduct what to cat the Lowther/ It will be quite complex as you will need to find where GOTO will be go down quality-of-sound-wise and where Lowther will be able to take over. It will be in particularly complex because the performance of the drivers will depend form the type of the enclosures. For instance if you put the Lowther in open baffle then what size do you need to target the baffle: 400Hz, 550Hz, 700Hz? Only God knows… Whatever it will be it might very difficult to synchronies a sealed box with Lowther. I personally never heard Lowther sound good with any separate bass channel.

2)  Only God knows how good GOTO ay it’s HF knee. The driver is around mid 30s resonant frequency and it sealed bit it might hardly do well in upper bass. Still is the room is small then it might… It would be very cool to put a pair of GOTOs in array wings with open-baffled Lowther between them… Then, where to stick the ribbons? Once again… the only Allah knows…

3)  The higher you begin to use ribbon then better it will be…. but the Lowther do not do well above, I would say, 7kHz

But it is juts me…
The Cat

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