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Post Subject: Love/Hate with LowtherPosted by yoshi on: 11/17/2006

I've been having love/hate relationship with Lowther (and its siblings) for several years now.  As you all say, it has many problems to use as a full-ranger.  Right now, my set up is a 3way multi-amp, Lowther (Reps 1) in Medallion cabinet covering up tp 1k, JBL 2450/2397 for 1k~10k, TAD (Pioneer)  RT8T for over 10k.  The crossover is 2 x TOA 0204 (digital) right after the transport (all 12db Bessel) and DA is done by TOA's internal DAC.  This is a digital only system since AD/DA completely screws up whatever advantage the system has.

I had to cut the upper limit of the Reps at 10k because of the nasty peak at around 2.5k~3k (seems inherent to all Lowther type drivers, except AER which seems to have flatter response).

Even with the limitation and the confusion of the backload horn bass, the system does OK for me when playing sources with not much dynamic range.  I love the immediate and tactile feel of Lowther.  But when you put an orchestra on, the whole thing collapses at ff.  Specifically, the mid-low to low muddiness becomes unbearable.  Also, it can't catch up with the dynamics.

I'm hoping to improve the situation by adding woofer for below 2~300.  Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated.


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