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Post Subject: Lowthers as distiller of sonic complexity.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/17/2006

I think you’re onto something in it. Those Lowthers in fact might be not unfavorable candidates to use with horns at all.  An open baffle at 150Hz? Perhaps, although I do not feel that Lowther can handle that exertion with a necessary integrity, and partially in opened baffle.

There is something else; witch is actually more disturbing to me in Lowther. Whatever Lowther implementation I have seen and heard (including the opened baffles) all of them suffer from one very characteristic for Lowther behavior: Sound getting emaciated, almost choked with raise of sonic complexity.

You were in a way correct restricting the Lowther use for 18th-19th century music; I would probably correct it to 17th-18th century music. However, even within a sonically simpler music the Lowther tendency to “collapse” from complexity still is well noticeable. I would not emphasize only sonic collapse – it is musical collapse as sounds are loosing their associations with each other and reproduce result do not sound like music any more but rather as an array of notes. Interestingly that most of the Lowther devotee that I have seen in fact did love that disassociated, doted Sound and chased that sound religiously.

In the end it bolides down to what you need. There is “Sound” and there are “the sounds”. It is possible, at least form what I have seen, to let Lowther reproduce “Sound”, if music is simplistic and do not play louder then 80dB. The Lowther will be fine for a jazz trio plays in over-damped recording studio. For anything more complex it might, from my point of view, require more complex acoustic system solutions.

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