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Post Subject: screw the hornsPosted by Paul S on: 11/17/2006
IMO, with care  the Lowther DX4 does pretty well from 150 to 10k Hz.; but it is as colored when "loaded" by a horn as anything else.

The "notch-filtered" DX4 driver is pretty natural in an OB within its "easy" range, lacking only the last word in drive available from an "ultimate" 4 or 5-way multi-amped, multi-horn system.

IMO the Lowther DX4 is the cheapest, easiest way to get most of what a mega-multi-horn system offers.

IMO the Lowther DX4 sucks as a "full-range" driver.

With Lamm ML2s I get fairly accurate ensembles and listenable 18th-19th century symphonies when I run this driver 150 Hz.- 10K Hz in a large OB.  IMO, a Lowther driver must NOT be asked to handle bass, and it trails off above 10 K Hz, if anyone cares.

Basically, considering it's limitations, I currently think the Lowther DX4 is the best-value "wide-range" driver  I know of.  I use it in a 3-way system with notch filters.  I am not sure the DX4  would be "better" in a 4-way system.

Paul S

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