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Post Subject: Lowther – how noble is it?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/16/2006

Dominic, I did not use Lowtheres on my own and am familiar with Lowtheres only by observing of what other people do. Unfortunately, among what I have seen. Lowther was used in some strange ways. For whatever reasons people feel that absences of a crossover is very desirable thing and they sacrifice a lot to pursue this pointless desire. Also, a typical use of Lowtheres in a back loaded horn. Still, if even to leave aside the abstract problem with back-loading then the it is impossible to deny a fact that most of those back loaded horn are juts wrongly implemented horns, mostly with undersized mouths (Cain & Cain, Beauhorn, etc...) Are the undersized mouths a typical Lowther’s problems? Hardly only! However, the stupidly undersized mouths make the Lowther installations out there to sound very ugly and I do not add any credit to Lowther-minded people.

I never believe I advocated use of Lowther for upperbass. However, I never felt that Lowther is horn drive either. What I feel that Lowther might be a good direct radiator if it use in a relatively narrow frequency range. The best sound that I heard form Lowther was in Hørning loudspeakers were Lowther was used as MF driver.

Still, I feel that Hørning use Lowther too low and complimented Lowther with VERY unfortunate bass implementation.

Anyhow, I did not play with Lowther myself and therefore I do not feel that this thread is something where I might contribute anything valuables. In the Lowther world I specialize only in bitching about what other people do wrong and recognizing how horrible their Lowther implementation sound.  That all did not motivate me to do anything with Lowther myself.

I find Lowther is too simple driver to ignite my interest. What I said “simple” I implied that even after spending efforts and learning how to get out of Lowther any more or less civilized sound the result might be still at sub-qualified level and might be easily beaten by other drivers.

Romy the Cat

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