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Post Subject: Lowther for midbass may be trickyPosted by Gregm on: 11/16/2006
...if you want to use it "pure" as it were, without any in-between equalising. Or you could tailor the amp accordingly. I would see a lowther working well mid-high rather than mid-bass.
My experience is limited, however, to EX-4 used with wizzer in a 150 tractrix (because that was available), driven full-range, then cut through amp. Of course a back chamber is necessary.

Now, even there, there was a relatively linear -but rising - response, to ~12kHz. The wizzer still plays its role and you can hear & measure a (small) bump somewhere around 2,5-3,5kHz. Using a tweet, makes this much more linear and less "shouting"/"hard"/etc to the ear.

OK. But then , the problem is what drivers does one ultimately choose to play around that Lowther, and how? It would be interesting to have some one try this further.

One implementation I heard has the ex-4 coupled with a supravox-400 used as upper bass/ midbass -- but in an onken. Hmmm. I get the feeling that the supra may be ready to marry the lowther, but not quite in those circumstances: the bass voice is OK, the tenor has a few problems, the soprano is ok. Interestingly, cymbals and tympani are ok. So, lowther upwards in the freq range is OK, feasible at least. Downwards seems to be a problem.

It would be nice for s/one with professional interest to work this out using readily available items like the lowther, the supravox, etc.

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