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Post Subject: Lowther DriverPosted by Dominic on: 11/15/2006
Not to be too presumptuous but i thought i'd start a thread that could serve as a repository for lowther comments, ideas etc.

the impetus for this was that rola experiment i mentioned in the cogent rmaf thread. I was thinking hmm, 'hard', 'shouty' that's what they say about lowthers. Around these days i'm on a bit of a multiway horn bent more because of the way life has worked out i'm in a position to try the idea. My impression of the ideal shares certain things with the cats but differs in some others. For example my idea of a fundamentals channel requires that it get under a bass singer's voice and over a sopranno's in a perfect world i would stretch that to certain other instruments but reaity being what it is. So in my various researches i've found few usefull drivers to cover that. I'm figuring a lowther-type driver (reps, loth-x, aer, FS,) without a whizzer and an appropriate phase plug for each desired bandwidth would allow for a kind of continuity. I remember reading in one thread or another that Romy thought little of the idea of using a lowther for midbass, but i don't see this as likely if you do a proper frontloaded midbass horn for the job, perhaps running fullrange that makes sense. of course i can't really Say because i haven't heard a lowther yet.

on a slightly differnt note i think the latest developments at Lowther proper are misguided, the driver was designed to be hidden deep in a very large horn and loaded on both sides, and people have been putting them in backloaded 'horns' with the front side acting as a dirrect radiator so no wonder they complain about shoutiness, you need that to get the hf through a gigantic bent horn.

hope i didn't mix anything up too much.

p.s. I just noticed the FS people (some sort of strange offshoot from AER) now has a field coil model Stick out tongue wonder what that would mean for sound.

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