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Post Subject: End of CD era! It's time do it good eventually. Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/1/2006

It is good that a largest CD manufacturer have declared that CDs are dead – now perhaps it is a good time for the industry to learn how to make decently sounding CDs. It is ironic how much nose the stupid industry created about the inferiority of 16/44. They are partially correct - 16/44 has issues and 20/77 would be much more suitable format. However if “they” are so smart then why the industry did not get best from 16/44 and THEN bitch about the 16/44 limitations?

Still, even today – “when CD is dead” – a well performing 16/44, or at least performing at it’s maximum capacity, is a big big big rarity…. I wonder why? Sure, I understand that the EMI's guy did not mean quality but rather CDs and a marketing entity, but still – I personally tend do not buy CD because they are very poorly made – sometimes no better then MP3 that are available for free download. And it is not that  it’s impossible to make 16/44 CDs better…

Anyhow, I'm not really on the market for CD player, my TL0 serves me very well, but I juts queries if anyone heard the Nagra’s new CD transport in a proper setup.

I’m not a big Nagra fun, or at least not a big fan of their power amplifiers but it would be interesting to learn what the $14.000 new transport would be able to do. I am grad that quite a few companies keep introducing new 16/44 transports/players/DACs. Perhaps they learn eventually how to make the 16/44 to sound acceptable before then move to …whatever.

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