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Post Subject: The exaggerated boots under CEC-TL0Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/25/2006

A visitor of my site that I know personally just called me informing me that he was very impressed with placing his air-bearing CD transport on Silent Running Audio platform:

 and asked me why I did not do the same with my transport. “Why wouldn’t?”  I figured. I went to basement and found a big shoebox with all imaginable audio gizmos that might be use under audio components. I pick a few gizmos that have very low height as I am not planning to raise my transport too high. In addition to them I took SRA’s 2”-tall platform that I use under my mono phonostage (not in the picture).

The entire procedure took no more then 5 minutes with not more then 10c of listing of the same track on the different gizmos. There is realsy no needs to hear more if you know what to listen. The track was the incomparable and my very favorite performance of ‘T’sky’ Dance Chinoise by Berlin and R‘stopovich. 3 of each gismos were placed in belli of the CEC TL0 MkII and the track was played. No lit candles of sacrificing of chicken were involved. Here is the very brief summary:

1) Vistek-made, some kind of decompiling in all directions gizmo that make a component to shake even if my Cat sneezes. The total balance moved up. Less bass. More HF. HF too gipsy.

2) Black Diamond Racing cones. The same effect as above only the HF more paunchy and more controlled.

3) Symposioum gizmo with a ball – The same effect of balance moving up but HF image way out there. Did you see a flute in Berlin philharmonic sitting above it's orchestra?

4) Sorbothane feet – all together well balanced but the lower bass slightly more softer then I would like to

5) Silent Running Audio platform – very string balance moving up. Macondo WITHOUT the tweeter sounds too bright? No kidding!!!

6) The CEC TL0 MkII on it’s default metal cones sitting right on the heavy granite slab of 75” long, loaded with more then 750 pound above. Actually it was the best sound of all. As much as I do not like to plase anything on granite but it did worked very well. It has the deepest bass, the best bass articulation and the less amount of HF, What else a person without tweeters could dream about?

So, as Mark Twain use to say: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”….


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