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Post Subject: The Ribbon-103 competition, let it roll…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/19/2006


it does sound interesting, thanks.

As they said they were the people who supplied the Red Rose Music speakers with Ribbons? Still, while they called a statement” "Ribbons are excellent but suffer from bad efficiency" as an warranted myth they at the same rime make the Ribbons for Red Rose monitors that had sensitively of 90dB. Do you know if they sell drivers by pair or if they do custom size, sensitivity by piecemeal?  I did hear the Red Rose monitors in numerous occasions. The did have the ribbony-glyceriny sound atop It is hard to say anything defiantly as the Red Rose, similar to those Scandinavian people use the ribbons with very low crossover point in two ways systems. My crossover will be 4 or more octaves higher and therefore I will be in the very different scale. Perhaps if I do not need to have a lot of LF excursion then they could make the gaps narrower that would already yield more sensitivity… there are many people who clime “true ribbon” there are not a lot who make 103dB sensitive “true ribbon”.

Hey, a person who help to find for me 103dB sensitive ribbon will get a gift…. :-)

The caT

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