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Post Subject: It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/12/2006

People use to that I keep bitching about electricity. Practically anyone who developed playback to a more or less capable level and who has ears know that quality of electricity hugely affects sound. I personally do not fight with electricity - I defeated its victory. When the electricity is good then it sound fine but when the electricity bad then the only suitable course of actions it to shut down the system... or completely disconnect from grid. When the electricity is bad then none of the known to me methods help….

Couple days ago a guy that I know and I decided to make an experiment with reels transfers and I was trying to record something to my tape recorder from CD. The CD that I was recorded was very “clean” and very high quietly. However, when I put the headphones on and put the recorder to “record” then I heard hugely distorted sound when each single pitch was surrounded with a cloud of gray fog and HF ringing. I thought that something got broken with my Stellavox and was very upset but then I pull the PS off the Stellavox and went to drive Stellavox from butteries. Alleluia! All noise is gone and sound got instantaneously cleaned…. Probably next time I need to do recording with Stellavox connected to grid and discounted and post it on my site…. What the hell of ugliness!!!

I do not really ask any advise if any find a good solution to cure electricity. I am pretty sure that I did tried whatever is know and have no interest to experiment anymore. Many things do help with electricity, though screw up something else but still nothing could be better then “good electricity day/hours” and no power treatment devises. Interesting that my power amps are less subjected to electricity power crises but the front ends are very temperamental and too damn electro-sentimental…

Here is how I envision the graphical associative presentation of sound. First one with good electricity and second with bad.

The caT

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