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Post Subject: I would take it as thatPosted by Antonio J. on: 10/7/2006
But one needs the right tool for the right job. I don't think Milq could teach me what I need to learn using my current speakers, in spite I've driven them with low power SETs with acceptable (just sound-wise) results.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
...The answer is very simple: do not listen reproduced music as reproduced music. Also during the evaluations do not listen played or performed music but listen how your inner-you reacts to the core of the musical context. Everything that is on the way of your consciousness, that impediment your perception are the bi-products of performing or reproduced art. It is very easy to distinct them: the performing problems have reasons. The reproduced problems have patterns.....

LOL I know that, but probably you can handle your consciousness in a different way than I can control mine. If I just pay attention to the music by the reactions it produces in me, then I can forget about flaws or problems, unless they're gross. If I switch on the "detection mode" then I'm aware that I'm not listening to the music, but to the sounds. In fact my system as it is now, lets me enjoy music and "feel" it most of the times if the music is interesting and it's a good performance, but sometimes I know that there are things that are wrong and could be better, sometimes because I'm distracted from music for the sensation that it's sounding good. Sounds paradoxical, but it's the way it is. Most of the times is for things that are clearly wrong. The problem is knowing "who" is doing things wrong and "how" could I fix that. I resist to believe that the only solution not to have distractions is building huge multi-way horn speakers. On the other hand it could be that the problem is not the system but the music I'm listening to in those moments I feel something is wrong.... Don't know, probably I'm not experienced and knowledgeable enough :-)



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