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Post Subject: Melquiades is juts a tool not a solution.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/7/2006

 Antonio J. wrote:
This is to me the most difficult problem to solve. For example, you may decide that your problem is a lack of spaciousness, which may be due to a lack of correct delay, wrong bass response, poor detail retrieval or whatever. Some issues can be corrected just by a good speaker positioning into the room, but others may come from speakers' limitations, amplifier's shortcomings or source flaws. The questions are: How you get to the conclussion that the "problem" is the lack of spaciousness? do you have a reference (in audio) that shows clearly that the spaciousness you "need" is attainable? even supposing that the specific issue is solvable, can it be corrected into your room and circumstances? And what's worse, once you get that spaciousness, was this the problem which needed to be corrected? have you introduced new problems?

The answer is very simple: do not listen reproduced music as reproduced music. Also during the evaluations do not listen played or performed music but listen how your inner-you reacts to the core of the musical context. Everything that is on the way of your consciousness, that impediment your perception are the bi-products of performing or reproduced art. It is very easy to distinct them: the performing problems have reasons. The reproduced problems have patterns….

 Antonio J. wrote:
I believe that the Melquiades can be the solution to many problems that Romy detected and which once solved, helped him to get closer to his desired results. We don't know which were those problems, and it's difficult to really understand his goals, since in spite of his explanation elsewhere in this site, translate his inner language into my inner language is a tricky process.
To have Milq working as intended, we should have speakers that match Milq electrical performance the same way it does at Romy's. We should have sources that can offer similar results (I don't think Melquiades can correct most of the garbage that SACD o upsampling DACs introduce into the music) as his, and also we should have his very same "musical sensivity" which I believe is at other perceptive, intellectual, emmotional and probably even social levels than mine and of many of us, I guess.

I do not think so. The Milq is juts a good amplifier with a very lucky balance between the volume of data and speed of data exchange. It has a number of interesting idiosyncrasies, from my point of view in way unique idiosyncrasies, but it defiantly not a magic stick that can fix the randomness of audio person’s listening objectives.

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