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Post Subject: A common mistake and not only about the Melquiades…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/6/2006

 drdna wrote:
I am sadly missing the living presence in my system, and I thought from your description, that the Melquiades might be a solution

I think this requires me to raise my voice as I feel that this presumption is very common and unfortunately very mistaken. Melquiades might NOT be a solution. It can not be a solution as well as any other element of playback, would it be a speaker, and amplifier or a sexy capacitor, might not be a single solution of a complex and compound problem. The performance a playback is a result and reflection of composite solutions and listener’s objectives and a sidle, even the bets performing element is enabled to do anything in playback, because it is not necessary become a part of a global system of sound reproduction and global personal views of the system owner.

I have seen again and again when audio people heard in somebody else’s inhalations the results that they found worth to imitate and they ran and bought, built, borrowed the elements that they thought were responsible for the “better result”. It never worked for them and it never should.

Better sound come as a since of self-realization and realization of the nature or reproduced sound. A person should evolve his reference points and his assessment algorithms up to the point when he will be able to identify within his current sound the specific and very precise shortcomings. Then, only then a specific solution might be brought as a delta between what the sound currently is not and what it should be. ONLY THEN, that  person should bring an amplifier, a cable or a driver the will address this well-identified problems and to fulfilled his very specific objective.

Without it the process of making audio is similar to the countless idiots-DIYers who colder anything solderable juts in order to get “any sound” and then built the theories what this amplifiers, cable or sound should be better then “Audio Research” or “Makr Levinson”

Romy The caT

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