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Post Subject: “Melquiades” amplifier: a year later.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/5/2006

I would like to share my observations about public perception of Melquiades - The Realty Reconstructions Amplifier.

Melquiades, or as I affectedly-abridgedly call it “the Melq” was released to pubic exactly a year ago:

Before it was released publicly there were one pair of full range Melquiades built and one pair of the Melq’s 3-chanals version - Super Melquiades built. Since then, the first full range Melquiades was sold and it problem-free is running in a NY. The Super Melquiades runs also problems-free in my own listening room. During the last year after the Melq was made available to public I have built one more Full range Melquiades, primary because I had an extra chassis and the set of the previously prepared parts, including magnetics:

Over the course of the last year 3350 people downloaded Melquiades circuitry PDF file and over 20.000 of visitors read the Melquiades.aspx page. Still, the attempts to build Melquiades out there are minuscule. Currently I know about 4 people who more or less seriously pursue Melquiades. I hope when and if then will be though then will share their observations. There were a number of times within the number of the DIY-minded sites when Melquiades circuits become a subject of discussions. Unfortunately the people in those discussions have the DIY-typical limited horizon of understanding and they did not express anything besides the shallow judgment or juts plain Moronic options.  I had over the last year approximately 2 dozens of private inquiries about Melquiades and it was pretty much it. Despite of the fact that Melquiades is fully disclosed and that it is delivers a sonic results (if the mentioned requirements-conditions preserved) beyond of any known to me amplifier I do not see people out there trying Melquiades. This fact does not affect my ego, but I find it fascinating to see how even some people who knows me personally do pay thousands dollars for off the shelf amps, disregarding the opportunity to build the Milq.

Over the last year my Super Melquiades cosmetically was not changed.  A few minor things were changed though:

1) Added an impulse relay to the PS allowing the amps stage from a push-pedal
2) Added a gauge that measures the elapse time (time in use) on the tubes for each amplifier.
3) Some of the wires layout was refractored (very minatory)
4) A major flow in the Melquiades gauges were resolved. Each single plate current measurement that was made by Supper Melquiades internal gauges had to be multiplied by 25%. Please, people who read the older posts take it under advisement, as the numbers that I read form the gauges and posted wee incorrect.

5) A possibility to add another channel for tweeter amplifier is being considered.

Generally I am glad with the state of Melquiades. It doe serves well in my room. I would like more folks out there try it but as any nation deserve own idiot-president the same way any audio person deserve own amplifier. My major happiness about Melquiades and public is that I did not let myself to be persuaded by a number of people in past and did not licensed Melquiades to industry production.  The further I went were a number of conversations with a few industry whores where I was very quickly detected that Melq has no ability to be understood by the typical, plugged into the industry idiots, and that those people has no justification to participate in the Melquiades distribution.

I personally do not see any further changes I might do to Melquiades. The HF channel would be a nice addition, I have the bulge enclosure-add-in but now the project is on the hold. Anyhow, two years after it’s birth and a year after it public release the Melq make me quite happy. I would enjoy if more folks embrace the Melquiades but since I appreciate animals more then I audio people it is well understood why my Cat loves to starch herself up on the warmed Melquiades…

Romy the caT

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