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Post Subject: DPOLS for tweeters.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/26/2006

Bud, perhaps it does makes sense to try the “dotizm” one again. I quite severely review my view on the way in wish I use tweeter. I still am trying to make T350 to work, let see what I end up with. Nowadays my T350 sitting in 3rd order crossover, it does not do exactly what I need but it is very much not final setting. There are two major issues that I deal with: precision of the alignment and presents of something that call “HF sonic aura”

The precision of the alignment is a bitch and the blessing, depends how it is being used. I have written quite a large article about the “precision of alignment” but did not post it yet as I would like to bring my tweeter to the state when it does the necessary for me things and where I would have some moral rights to educate others based upon my experiences. In short: after a tweeter was aligned there is a next level of alignment, sort of “DPOLS for tweeter”, when further improvements become geometric instead of incremental. Those “geometric improvements” in fact are capable to cancel out many nastiness, those that that we usually attribute to “digital” or “recording problems”. I will be talking about it when I will be through with my experiments. Still I was much enthusiastic when I discovered that effect of “DPOLS for tweeters”...

The “HF sonic aura” is another thing that I’m trying to deal with. The Vitavox S2 in my horn has extremely precise and “none-foggy” tone. It has one “issues” but the “HF fogginess” is not one of them. The T350 does have it “HF fogginess” or sort of aura-noise that envelops HF presentation. It is not so bad itself (99% of tweeter do it) but it is completely not acceptable in contrast with Vitavox S2’s high frequency. The T350 just contaminates and dilutes the S2 sound and it is doe not sound kosher. I was trying to lower down the EV-T350 calibrating it not by it’s output but only by the amount of it’s “HF sonic aura” and I end up with something in vicinity of sub 0.1uf against 16R… or I ended up with same use of the tweeter on the transition slope at over 60Khz

Anyhow, I will see how it goes further. I would wish I have enough time to render all of this. Unfortunately it is very painful and time consuming ceremony as at the level of precision when “DPOLS for tweeters” take place the measurements are not working anymore (at least at the level in which I’m able to conduct them) and I have to use just hearing.

Romy the Cat

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