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Post Subject: CD horn and JBL: Crossover pointPosted by Dominic on: 9/26/2006
Hey Rom etal.

I'm entering into unknown and difficult to intuit territory for me.

I aquired a pair of very large constant dirrectivity horns EV hr9040 a, a little while ago and i now have a pair of jbl 2420's to power em.

I haven't put them to gether, nor listened to the horns before. I don't know what to expect and this is the first project where i'll actually need to make a filter i think. So the horn is designed to pass 350-16000, and the factory recomended xo for the driver is 800 with a response up to 20k. I don't want to make anyone do my work for me but a friendly hand on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

All of my experiments have been in single driver setups necessarily with cones and short horns.

maybe i'll just start with a high pass around 800hz?

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