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Post Subject: Classical Music and Video lines.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/12/2006

Sure the video imaging might be beneficial or devastating. Sometimes a great camera work can and good acting can embrace performances the push them way out there and sometime video can wreck even the best play. Sometimes, when I come across video that impresses me, I shut down the screen and try listening just soundtrack. Interesting that since I have seen the video then the visual chain frequently reconstructs itself in my mind, despite of my intention do not do it.

It is well know, that classical music severely suffers from disability of the most cinematographers to bund their efforts with musical impressionisms. How many times we have seen that image zoom-in on something that is completely inappropriate in the context of the given musical impressionism, given tempo or give accents. How many times we have seen that the camera people have juts no sense of tact (I use word tack in Europeinean meaning), no sense of taste or no sense of the event that they are filming…  How many time we have seen the cheesy and tacky attempts to make kitsch video even from good music.  I really wonder how the new MET broadcasts will be done. If they do it tastefully I would be wonderful and I will be first who go the theater….

Ironically the most powerful cinematographic moments of classical music come from “no presents of camera” type of work, sort of documentary. One of the most powerful and the most interesting moments that I even experienced and the same time the moment when the presents of video was no juts justified but very much worked affinity with sound was in the DVD “The Art of Piano - Great Pianists of 20th Century”. In the mid of the film there was an episode where I believe it was Alfred Cortot teachers his student about the syntax and phonetic of Schubert’s notes. Listening his voice, the why how he plays, seeing his expression on his face and looking at what he is trying to say to his student.. is absolutely amazing experience…

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