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Post Subject: How to look what electron has under her skirt?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/5/2006

Well, I do not care about it anymore. Last night I spoke with Bud and, thanks God, he took this project form my hand under his wings. As the result I will be having whatever I need, implemented by the best method possible. I am very enthusiastic and my tail is trammeling.

BTW, I told Bud about your experiments with air-core and he asked pictures and more technically civilized description. I did not find on my mail server the pictures as it was quite long time ago. Can you upload the images to the site or send them to him directly?

Another BTW, Bug come ups with an idea of increasing the primary and secondary coupling in my air-core transformer by separation the electrons by sex in the different coils: male electrons will be in primary and the females electrons will be in secondary. Presumably those toe groups of electrons be naturally inclined to go closer to each other and that will increase the magnetic union of the coils.  However, I know that I will be working is Seattle but I do not know how about Boston. Since Massachusetts alloy gay marriages it might loose some coupling in my new transformers.

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