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Post Subject: An amplifier for TweetersPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/3/2006

Following my recent “new objectives” with tweeters (partially covered in the last posts of the following thread)

I lately made quite a few very interesting and very educational experiments with tweeters. I would like to capitalize on some of my findings and now I think to use my tweeters differently then I use to do it in context of my new 5 channels:

Anyhow, while I was doing my experiments I was driving tweeters with own dedicated amp and… I kind of like it. I was even using my headphone amp:

to drive the tweeters, it was not enough power to drive them all the way up but it was still very nice and “enough” at the low listening levels. (The headphone amp has no gain and made to have beter bass then HF). So, I become wondering that I would be very-very interesting to have a dedicated channel for tweeters. It is not really necessary this channel to be a full blow amp but it should be something very optimized for over 10.000kHz reproduction. Obviously it might be single-ended amp with no feedback. It should have 10-12dB gain. It should be one-tube amps. If were a SET then the transformer should have a few turns and somewhere a fraction of Henry inductance and “fast” core or perhaps an air core:

, or perhaps even OTL?

I was looking what Vincent Brient proposed in his “DIY 3W 6C33B-C SE OTL amplifier for compression driver and tweeter”: 

I do not know about the compression driver, as I do not like what OTLs do with sound harmonically but for tweeters it might be interesting (almost certainly not around the 6C33C)

So, I am wondering. I do have in the Super Melquiades the necessary voltages and space to put one extra single-tube channel.  I am thinking about a single-gain stage on the triode strapped 6E5P, 7721, 6C45/437A, EC8020, RS241 or some other fast RF tube and a toroid air-core transformer (no hysteresis, no saturations, no eddy current losses...). I might be very-very interesting and perfectly accomplishable. I welcome any ideas at this point.

Romy the caT

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