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Post Subject: A perfect active crossover?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/4/2006

I do not know any. But the major question is why such a crossover is necessary. Obviously it requires 3 amplifiers and if so then the filters might be built in the amps. It one needs it for system prototyping purpose then if is fine but the degradation in the crossover should be taken under consideration. For my prototypes, in fact it was what I used for Macondo I have Marchand XM26 crossover (slightly updated) and many-many preset card. I have a few prototype cards into which I solder any slopes and any frequencies I want. Marchand is not transparent enough as a final solution and frankly I have difficulties with it even as a prototype. Still it is flexible… For $300 a digital crossover is a good solution that would help to find the cut offs and then implement the cut off by more noble means….

It would be not big deal to make this crossover but it would be necessary to have an absolutely transparent buffer. The Guy Hammel’s buffers are absolutely transparent but very expensive and ….your would need at least 6 of them + 6 very high quality stepped attenuators…. Not to mention anything else. So, the project might be expensive and complex but how much do you agree to invest money and efforts into a solution that you will be using for a couple weekends? Still, if you make this thing to be absently transparent and responsibly inexpensive then let everyone know as a LOT of people would willing to buy it from you….

It is kind of strange: in the beginning I proposed that this crossover would not be necessary and then I propose that it will have a large demands? Well, ironically I feel that I am correct in the both proposals…. -Smile

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