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Post Subject: Re: Happy Listening, thank you.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/4/2006

 AllHammer wrote:
This is your website, if I am not mistaken. I shall respect your will to express, no matter the whatever the level of insights you have to offer. You are in no way degrading me. Like I said, anyone who have really listened to the Magico Mini would know the truth, and would feel awfully embarassed for you for even writing such a post

I think you are very mistaken in your views. It is completely irrelevant whos site it is. We should not demonstrate any courtesy, foolish loyalty or respect to people but only to the subjects. It is funny that you make your comment calling people to “really listened to the Magico Mini”. Perhaps you
Under presumption that I made my comments juts looking at the pictures of those monitors. I understand what you do. You are trying to build up“solidarity” of opinions around your recent buy and I am fine with it, regardless that I have no idea why you guys need it. Anyhow, I am perfectly equipped to talk about those speakers and if in future you would like to do it then feel free to continue this thread. For now, you are not driven by a desire to deal with the facts/sound or a desire to learn why we have such as polarized differences of ours vews about the Magico Mini. Get your speakers. Leave with them, come down and then, if you have interest in realty of sound reproduction instead of superficial consumer report about sound reproduction, then let talk again WHY and HOW the Magico Mini is way off...

Romy the Cat

PS: Oops, it looks like you edited your reply as I got a different text in my email notification.

Do not worry; you do not interfere with anything. You are actually is a part of everything as my “verbal diarrhea” is possible only in context of the very peculiar people, the peculiar objectives, and the very peculiarly performing audio products. I do not feel my site filled with “opinions” but with views and those views required an evolved audio awareness in order to be able to get insights or benefits from my views' reasoning. I do not feel that “anyone who have really listened to the Magico Mini would know the truth, and would feel awfully embarassed for you”. So far the only embarrassed party is you as you are pissed that I did not endorse your recent buy. Well, big deal! Since you are not looking for Sound but for the endorsement then Jonathan Valin did "endorsed" your buy. I am sure you will find a lot of other people who would jump with you and Jonathan in the wagon and make you to feel better about yourself. I wonder what that relation that all has to do with the actual Sound….

Well, as I understand my initial post made at some kind of AV forums when a bunch of the audiophiles load their listening rooms with “high resolution”, industry sponsored, “demonstrate able for Mopons” ™ sonic notion and then bark to each other who purchase was more reasonable investment. Sorry, my new friend. My audio view and my reference points are quite far from the idiocy that you and your friends consider Audio isI have no motivations explaining to you anything further.

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