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Post Subject: YOU just ordered a pair.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2006

 AllHammer wrote:
This post has basically wiped out the entire reputation you have tried to build up in the past. Rebutting a review does not make yours right, and from my personal experiences, you are indeed far from right. I can see why some people will not agree with the price the MM is asking for, but to call them unspeakably horrible is like  flushing your credentials down the toilet. I urge anyone who is interested to go listen to  the Magico Mini for themselves, and come to their own conclusion. No review is necessary, positive or negative ones.

Yes, I just ordered a pair.
I do not think that am trying to “build up reputation”, particularly the reputation of one who express an opinion with intention make people buy or do not buy the things. It is really irrelevant to me if you like, love, ordered or have already sold your pair – the entire stature or ownership is completely out of my attention. In my post above I addressed the misinformation that the reviewer presented and passed my very limited observations regarding the very low performing product that is being spun by audio propaganda as some kind audio revelation. I intentionally did not go into negative details of the Magico’s performance, primary because I did not see any “interest” in those speakers and I consider them as a next hi-fi buildup made by/for uninformed people who do not know anything more in Sound then the teeth drilling, dead, hipper-resolution…

Anyhow, I do not think that you might listen now as you apparently were impressed with the Magico’s demonstration. It is fine. I do not know who you are and I do not know what you where looking in Sound. I would not ruin your celebration of getting new monitors and I wish you to enjoy them. However, I would like to insist and to confirm that I personally consider Magico Mini not juts poor loudspeakers but “ironically-horrible” loudspeakers. I use the term ironically-horrible because there are some aspects of Magico performance that make then intentionally gratifying (similar to few other products) and particularly in the case of the people who have limited listening experience and restricted audio objectives.

Please, do not consider that I am trying to degrade you because you disagree with my assessment of Magico. Quite opposite: when and if you in future feel interest or motivations to collaborate within this site regarding the intrinsic sonic problems of Magico or how to minimize many negative moments of Magico’s performance than I would be glad to cooperate with you. Also, if you in future, come across the observation that Magico do well then please post your observations WHY you feel I was wrong. So far I would keep my rights to stay behind to what I have already said.

Romy the Cat

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