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Post Subject: Cool running AB amplifier.. with good sound.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/25/2006

Since the summer is here and since may playback generates more heat then Pittsburgh Steel plants, and sine my Monitor project end up more or less successful I would like to find a very cool running class AB, SS amplifier with which I would driver my “monitors+”

I was truing to drive the SL600+ with other amps beside the Lamm M1.1 and was not able to get any good results. It is not that Lamm was better but other amps, for whatever reasons, did not deliver any more or less acceptable sound at all. Defiantly, going for a cool running AB little amps I would accept some worsening of sound but still I would like do not go too far into weaker sound.

So, I think about a stereo amp, relatively small and cool running, not expensive (a few hundreds bucks max), that would be able to do 100W-150W. Regarding the price, I might go for more expensive cool-running amp but in that case it should deliver a superior performance, or at least to be equal to what. Lamm M1.1 goes. I doubt that I will find such amps and such reasons.

Anyhow, if you have anything in your mind then let me know…
The caT

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