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Post Subject: Monitors: Wishful thinkingPosted by Ronnie on: 7/23/2006

I too want a monitor speaker to play with, especially for amplifier experimentation.
I put another 4" Fostex in a sealed "box" (globe actually) and crossed it over at 150hz to one SS 25w/8565 on the side. Wishful thinking? -Yes.

About 88-90dB sensitive 2-way and lovely with jazz. Smile
3rd movement of Tchaikovsky 4th sounds like distant humming moskitos. Sad

Time to think "upper bass channel" I suppose, and make it a 3-way speaker.
It needs to have only 90dB and cover 100-1000Hz, but 150-500 might be fine as long as it makes big orchestras sound more like big orchestras!
Any suggestions about drivers (current production and preferrably <$100 each) and boxes?
I've picked up these ideas from around your site:

Driver X in ported cab? (without port-helped bass)
Celestion SL600 woofers
SEAS 6.5" (Wilson CUB)
JBL P650, GTO603, LE5
Focal Utopia 165A
I think those drivers may be unnecessarily bass-capable since your LF towers are crossed low at 63Hz, while I can easily turn mine up a bit?

Technically, I have no idea what to look for in an upper bass driver/box combo.
Grateful for any little push in an interesting direction!

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