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Post Subject: Bearing designPosted by DHT4ME on: 3/7/2022
I built my "Ultimate Turntable" and did the long bearing approach. It is 8" long and .750" diameter. I have had a love hate relationship with the long bearing. While it is VERY stable it is extremely difficult to setup. The long length absolutely minimizes wobble however unless the bearing is perfectly vertical it has more drag then a shorter bearing with more inherent "clearance". The heavy platter is like a spinning top and as soon as it is not level it creates a lot of side force.  I can see why the inverted bearings are so popular as the fulcrum effect and gravity neutralizes a lot of out of plumb alignments. My platter is a combination of aluminum, lead and glass filled epoxy with an 18lb weight. It also has magnetic levitation to minimize thrust noise.  To get this length inverted bearing you need to do something like the big Triangle Art table which my local friend here in Las Vegas has and it winds up being absolutely mammoth to implement.