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Post Subject: Remedies the BeautyPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/13/2021
Yesterday Remedies the Beauty was shipped me from my cabinet builder. 

Another couple weeks and I will be able to start to play with it, teaching her to sound right. If you follow my side for the last month or two then you know that Remedies it is a natural derivative of my accidental Dannoy experiment. The synopsis of the story that couple months ago I loaded Tannoy Red infield enclosure and passive refrigerator, drove it with VFET transistor amplifier and got absolutely amazing sound. This amazing sound was so beyond anything that I was able to produce intentionally that it led me to temporary abandonment of my entire installation and a desire to build brand new system completely focusing on this new experience. I've been trying for a long time to describe to myself what attract me in that new sound and I have many different hypothesis that I myself subscribe. What I know is the sound is so much different, so much attractive, so much beautiful that it takes literally efforts, physical efforts over myself to stop listening. I have no idea what is responsible for this but what I am hearing is very different from anything that I heard before and I naturally have huge interest in it. This is some kind of new type of sound which is extremely high in eloquinism, clarity, expensively, absolutely uncivilized attractiveness but at the same time superbly not judgmental, not dominating, non-critical... I feel when I was listening to the sound that I am a child who ate lot of chocolate and then somebody give me a glass of ice cold water. Absolutely amazing feeling and the most important that I spent zero efforts to achieve it. My Dannoy was wired garbage cables, zero installation efforts spent and the result was so great is that it seduced me to disassemble my quite highly performing multi-amp multicellular horn installation.

So, the Remedies loud speakers it's just a new enclosure for Dannoy concept, risk custom crossovers and complemented with 15-in Vitavox midbase driver.

I do not know if it will be successful or not project but that inspiration is certainly there..


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