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Post Subject: Barnum's Theory, perhaps?Posted by Lazlo Jamf on: 9/17/2021
"Something similar happened with the cylinder phonographs that the merry matrons from France brought with them as a substitute for the antiquated hand organs and that for a time had serious effects on the livelihood of the band of musicians.  At first curiosity increased the clientele on the forbidden street and there was even word of respectable ladies who disguised themselves as workers in order to observe the novelty of the phonograph from first hand, but from so much and such close observation they soon reached the conclusion that it was not an enchanted mill as everyone had thought and as the matrons had said, but a mechanical trick that could not be compared with something so moving, so human, and so full of everyday truth as a bond of musicians.  It was such a serious disappointment that when phonographs became so popular that there was one in every house they were not considered objects for amusement for adults but as something good for children to take apart."  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

"But it's not shiny enough!  It'll never go with my gold plated escalator or my marble toilet seat!"

Does the world really need a cast iron turntable with a tonearm that looks like an Erector Set crane?

The high end audio racket's capacity for self-parody seems limitless, but do they ever get the joke?

Given Romy's penchant for naming things after characters in One Hundred Years of Solitude maybe this should be named for the character who ate dirt or the one with the pig's tail.

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