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Post Subject: Lavardin discoveryPosted by noviygera on: 8/24/2021
Hi guys and Romy,

I was inspired by Romy's recent videos on Dunlavy speakers, sound, and it got me thinking, about simple correctness of sound, when I seldom experience it. It happens at surprising moments sometimes, when you least expect it. This realization coincided with my hasty purchase of this Lavardin amp I always wanted to try for some reason. Maybe because I trust the French with some thigs -- not everyting, but some things they get right in life. So back to my story... I got this Lavardin amp and began listening to it. And I was disturbed by the sound I was hearing through this thing. I could not wrap my head around it. So instead of yapping about it I will just paste the email here, that I wrote to Lavardin without delay (something I have never done), it captures the idea. Here goes:


Recently, I had an opportunity to purchase a used Lavardin IS reference amplifier. So I did. After listening to your amplifier for a few hours I came to the realization that you have achieved a remarkable sound quality. I have listened to a few good modern solid state and vintage tube amplifiers -- I have a small collection. The IS reference is nothing like the solid state amplifiers I have heard and, for some time, I could not understand what is going on. It sounds like a tube amplifier but I believe it is not, yes? But it captures all of the magic of tubes, somehow. This is audible from the first note, the first sound of every music work. So I have come to the realization this is the best sounding amplifier I have listened to, in my system. I do not know how you did it but this is my reference now, no doubt about it. What is disturbing is there is no need to compare my old understanding of good sound, with your amplifier. Everything is how it should have been, but never was, that is the sound I am feeling. The analogy I can describe is like living with a woman that always wants to argue with everything you say. Then after years of conflict you meet a woman that never argues. That is how I feel after listening to your amplifier for one night. It is a blessing.

How do you like my analogy?

best regards,Herman"

So guys, this is the strange but enlightning experience that I had, and no point of using audiophile words. One thing I failed to mention is while listening to this amplifier, it made me want to pull out my favorite bottle of whiskey and sip on it, enjoying more so than usual. I kind of want to open this amp and see what's inside of it but at the same time I don't. I am ok not ever discovering what is inside this special black box. Very strange but beautiful feeling. Have anyone here listened to this amp and if so what did you think?

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