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Post Subject: (Do i always need to add a subject or am I doing something incorrectly, lol?)Posted by HifiOrDie on: 1/24/2021
Well that really is damn frustrating and admittedly very aggravating.  After typing a rather lengthy and enthusiastic response, I somehow lost everything before posting and it couldn't be recovered.  So we'll attempt to try this again, though admittedly, likely short-changing myself on this one.                                                                                                                               

I'll again start by saying thankyou to both of you guys for taking the time to reply! It is well appreciated!

 -  I agree that the best way to get a feel for how live music should truly sound, is to attend as many live concerts/shows/events - especially unamplified.  I will also say though, that a lot of times we just want our systems to sound enjoyable. 

 -  I also agree that it's not always advisable to tell someone when and what driver to use, as results may vary.  Personally, I'm more so under the opinion that general help is usually best. 
 For instance - when looking for HiFi compression mids and tweets, I see that a lot are categorized as "Pro drivers" rather than HiFi orientated.  I'm under the assumption that these drivers will typically sound like ass, as they're designed for rigidity and SPL, rather than High Fidelity sound quality.

Would my assumptions be correct, or am I completely off?   Are there only expensive options that will sound good like Altec, Fostex, JBL, etc?

-  I've also been having a LOT of fun using CAD software (Fusion 360), designing then 3D printing different Horn setups and enclosures for my Computer Desktop, but using regular dynamic drivers - with FANTASTIC results.  I was absolutely mind blown at the pinpoint holographic sound stage and imaging.  

I'm currently about to print a 25" Tractrix Horn in 3 parts as I have 3 large 3D printers, and I'll attempt to load the inside with either Lead Balls, Sand, Plaster, or something similar to add as much weight as possible - then JB weld them back together.  Hopefully I'm successful as it will give all of us a whole other option for those like me who at the moment can't find someone in the US with a lathe big enough to carve out my Horns.  I'll keep everyone updated on that progress.

Last but not least, I did find a "Tractrix calculator" that says the best I can get at 25" diameter (Horn Mouth) is 160hz, does that sound about right?  If that's the case i'll either try to go bigger without looking ridiculous, or work out a subwoofer setup that can satisfy up to that range.

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