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Post Subject: I think I'm onto something, a ghost from the past?Posted by N-set on: 11/7/2020
Romy, do you power your End of Life phono from the PP??

I have the same phono, with choke input PS for both the heating and the HV.

1) If I plug the phono just to the wall, the noise just normal with PP operating Online some 2.5m away. Noise ok, no problems.

2) If I plug the phono to the PP at the same physical separation of 2.5m, all kind of hell breaks loose. Below is the spectrum of the phono output (with a shielded AC cable and PP in the Online mode). Switching PP to the battery operation lowers the noise practically to the normal level, but it's good only for 15mins of operation.

So does Gold PP1500 does not want to work with choke input PS, like the first unit Romy tested??

Other minor thing - with completely no load (everything unplugged), the load indicator bar is always showing the minimal 25% load? Normal with Gold units?

Noise PP Decca alpha AC.bmp


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