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Post Subject: And so far it looks beautifully done.Posted by oxric on: 5/3/2020
 Romy the Cat wrote:
After Clark passed away I created a web site for him in order for his Boston, Music and Clark to be together for posterity. It is still a work in progress but the basics are there. During the next few weeks I will continue uploading Clark’s favorite recordings. Stick out tongue>gt;I think he deserves his little place in the Web….

Hi Romy,

The memorial website, even in its initial state, looks beautifully done and perusing it, gave me a better sense of the warm and intelligent personality behind several contributions to your forum, which always has a very distinctive identity of their own.

As an aside, I think also that it shows a kind and generous side to you that does not always come across in your audio musings but I am quite sure that introduction to family life will have been in a large measure responsible for that! 

Best rgds,Rakesh

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