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Post Subject: Caps infosPosted by Taso on: 3/28/2020
hello guys, greetings from Italy !! ..I would have a question being that they are still being optimized.

I have to buy the 6 caps that are on the PCB valves .. those at 400-450v.

On my ear..which I bought on ebay..they were self-built by a fan..the 100uf 400v caps were mounted..Sanwa brand, SD..85 ° series .. and I would say very normal.

Since I have a doubt about their state of health ... I avoid explaining why ... I was about to buy another 6 ... to assemble.

I would have found some Kendeil .. K05 series..a great price..I can choose between 100uF 450v or 220uF 400v..all 105 °.

I'm also finishing to solve hummm problems .. which are not however given by any mass loops .. those I have already fixed for good ... having excellent results.

I was wondering ... I was asking .. if you buy back 100uF .. Kendeil..o if you switch to 220uF.

I would not, however, with such a higher capacity ... create noise problems .. overload diodes .. in short .. what I am looking for is exactly the opposite ... or improve something!

On some forums .. also on this ... I see in some photos that, for a fee, one cap, 4 caps are the same .. I don't know the value however .. but the other two are bigger .. I think the ones near the valve V1 or V3.

anyway give me some advice? while I buy them .. if I can benefit from them ... I would go to 6 x 220uF ... or maybe .. if I had to follow the photos I see on some forums .. put 4 of 100uF and 2 of 220uF ... even if not I know where the big two go !!

The fact is also that it seems to me that the original ear mounts 6x22uF ... and that the Chinese kits provide 6x47uF.

I point out that I have also redone the power supplies .. both anodic and filaments .. if you want to place the pattern and give me an opinion. maybe it can be useful to someone.

Thanks !!! and sorry for my english

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