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Post Subject: Capacitors & updatesPosted by N-set on: 3/15/2020
I think industrial grade Arcotronics KP172 (from RS components ?), film and foil. I use them also as output coupling caps (2x0,47u)

Other changes I've made, not commented in my posts here:

- installed an all silver TKD switch (230GBP!) to switch 2 SUTs (silver and copper Tribute) + MM; don't remember noticing any sound change before and after
- changed loading resistors from Dales RN60D to Charcroft Z-foils; I fist burned them in for several days; this was quite a change - immediately increased transparency and better discrimination of tonal nuances, v nice! the loading resistors are on the SUT primary as this sounded IIRC a tiny bit more open and involving compared to secondary or split loading (Dave Slagle has as interesting post on that, which motivated my experiments)
- changed the input regular Tlf 12AX7 to selected red tip Tlf 12AX7 and the 2nd tube to selected low noise Sylvania 7025 (both from Brent Jesse); as far as I remember there was again increase in transparency but not as much as changing the loading resistors; have to dig out in my notes
- the power cord is DIY according to Paul S recipe with ebay Chinese pure coper plugs; now you can laugh: changed the fuse to russkie silver one; *both* changes again opened up the sound a bit

Other changes to come:

- looking for Amperex 0A2 with mesh plates
- will rewire MM input in silver with silver WBT RCA's - it now welcomes my top cart, Decca London Reference with silver AQ Leopard phonocable (will post on that in a separate thread)
- considering another red tip 12AX7 for the output but given the change was not big at the input it's more of an itch...a costly one at $275

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