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Post Subject: My lucky day?Posted by rowuk on: 2/10/2020
Well, I do have 3 channels of DSEP. Dedicated Single Ended Pentode: 
one channel (bass/mid 30-500 Hz) with a 307A DH pentode feeding two wonderful Fane neodymium Colossus 12" - one from FS to 150 Hz and the second from FS to 500 Hz. OPT with a lot of inductance wound for me by the german company Ritter.
one channel EL84 as a SEP (upper mid lower HF around 600 to 11K) feeding a 300 Hz tractrix horn and a Faital 1 ¼" neodymium driver with plastic (Ketone) diaphragm. OPT found by accident from a german company TRT.
one channel EL84 as SET with a Sowter OPT for tweeters (the one at the bottom driving a pair of planar tweeters
2 of the OPTs have 4/8 and16 ohm output taps. The tweeter OPT has 8 and 16 ohm.

All passive 6dB crossovers built into the amplifiers. I have gain controls on the Mid anf HF power amplifiers. All channels are time aligned and in phase. Preamp is a Pass B1 with low impedance output so driving the crossovers is no problem.

ULF is on my list of things to get to, but what I have is VERY tolerable, so I am not in a hurry. Add to that the challenge of ULF in a small room...

As I mentioned, I have some Fane 15" speakers from another project that could be used to investigate ULF as you mentioned.

I did play with loading 3 or 4 years ago. The 16 ohm tap was too "in my face" at that time but there were a lot of other unresolved issues. No hardware has changed in my system for the last 2 years. The sound "fits" and even although there are things that could probably be better, I have not been motivated to define what the solution for them could be - until this past weekend...

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