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Post Subject: What about my take on midbass hornPosted by DorinD on: 1/20/2020
First I want to say "Hello" to our host and to the other guests here.

Sorry that I interfere here, but talking about PA inspiration and using PA parts in creative mode in dinning room, I can say that for about 15 years back I was starting my interest specifically in horn speakers and kept that way.

My 3 ways horn system was kind of lab to many configurations I've tried but --till now-- the unchangeable part was a resized clone after Bruce Edgar's Show Horn. Lately, I was satisfied with the result, but somehow, a very specific situation --cello music-- shows a strange "instability" of all the system. I had no explanation of it, measurements show nothing special in the bass or midbass that could potentially be a problem. Otherwise, it plays decently on other music genres.

Seeing on eBay some empty horn enclosures used on stadiums ( ) I was wondering if that a strait midbass horn could solve my problem. I was lucky enough to get a good deal on a pair of Audac's ( ) and I committed to them. These complement the system and now, no instability could be detected in any kind of music, especially cello parts. Now especially cellos are sounding good on my system. Also the kick it brings now is fantastic compared to what was before. For me, the strait horn and the much more rigidity of this PA product compared with my DIY approach was a success. This is how it looks like now:

Best regards,Dorin

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