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Post Subject: How the things are getting so much out of hands?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/12/2020
I am not following the products as I use to do in past, do not buy anything in audio and do not look forward to. Sometimes I look on-line what is our on in audio industry and what is more and more amazes me the level of obnoxiousness , impunity and grotesque the audio industry feels about itself. Robert Harley writes about some kind of new Magico M6 loudspeakers, admitting that it is not pushing the envelope in any performance direction that  Mr. Harley cares about but he still feels it is still a good bet for near $200K. I wonder where is the threshold that would make the industry gatekeepers to feel that they are along with integrity and common sense are throwing the baby with the water or rather accepting any dirty water for the sake of a proverbial baby? 

I do not question the Robert Harley’s finding and I do not question the Magico M6 performance. I do not care neither about Mr. Harley running his very public mouth nor about the Magico entire company that I hate for years (not so much as the company but their owner, who is asshole). Still, I post a question: where are we as “hobby” if an averagely performing loudspeaker today costs $200K and it considered as a norm.  It is not that the prices rise, the inflation and that $10K thirty years back is like $100K today. The 30 years back a CD cost $15 and it is exactly how much we pay today. The Brahms Second Symphony 30 years agon was exactly where it is today and your desire to hear it when you push play button did not change the value. They, the industry, is trying to convince you that the cost of the admission to the listening of high-end ceremony drastically increased but it is not actually true as the quality of the high-end ceremony serving DID NOT change during the same last 30 years. So, if today high-end industry in trim of quantity and quality delivery the same experiences as it was when the prices were 10 less then why would the prices need to be 10 higher today? Is it about prices or values? 

We moved to High-Resolution and different sampling audio with arguably better than it was 30 year back. Still, we do not pay for digital more then we pay 30 year back. We however feel that it is justifiable to pay premium for today’s speakers, turntable, tonearms, records, cables and a  few other purely audio items despite that 30 year ago they were arguably better and despite that some of the most evolved use folks very much hunt 30-100 years old audio products and feel that they way over-perform the today products. 

What I am trying to say is that the audio people need some kind of “Bose” event, when that mass-audio company make the whole industry to shut up about itself for good. Let pretend that some kind of pro-audio company that makes $600 loudspeakers make a calm that their product well more superior then $350K high-end industry flagman product. Let the high-end industry to rebuttal it on records. And then the sue the shit out of that high-end makers, making then to proof anything admirable in the court of law. I would love to see all those audio bullshiters  with licensees of impunity and corruption to be actuals responsible for the words. 

The $200K for an ordinary performing loudspeaker that no one will remember next year? Yep, it is what you allow to be…. 

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